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Time As Memory

I was walking with Elijah one day. We paused and he climbed into my arms. As I held him I was overwhelmed by a very tactile memory of holding Marquez in the same way when he was very small. Elijah’s distinct voice soon brought me back to reality and I wept. I hope that I never become so caught up in remembering the charmed past that I forget the treasures that are right in my hands. For a long time, we thought Marquez was the last of the babies in the family but more spirits came to us in the form of children and brought with them their own graces. Marquez took this lovely picture while we were all taking in the Sunday breeze.

(from left) Elijah, Clel-C, Me, Ashley and Meagan


Riddle of the Sphinx… IMAGING THE CARIBBEAN

THE ENDURING QUESTION… the following is a conversation I had with a former student in the wee hours of a morning. I met her while employed as an Assistant Lecturer at The University of  the West Indies.

Date: Monday 03rd October, 2011


hey Amanda (yikes! you’ve eveolved into first name basis after the course is complete, I hope that’s cool)


lol… go right ahead


i remember 2 things you said in particular during my journey withyou… one i always meant to ask you about…


it’s not a problem… sure


don’t think it strange but i always meant to ask you where you learnt about it… because i recall you saying its been scientifically proven, and this I would love to be able to quote correctly when using it in an argument. do men have a greater sense of self control than women do? (in terms of sexual arousal) you were talking about this in one of our tutorials, as sort of by the way during


how did i connect it to Oedipus

that was a long time ago… please remind me


it wasn’t actually… someone raised in the class that Oedius is a ‘sick man’ and then there was a spin off discussion about how men cannot control themselves once they’re turned on and you countered the argument saying that women actually have a harder time cooling down than men do


ohhhhhh… lol

and I claimed that this is scientific… lol


hehehe, yes, you started with, “…. it has actually been scientifically proven”

lol… maybe you were kidding and I just took it to heart but you said it… lol



yeah… sounds like me


on a lighter note… the second thing I remember that remained with me was a question you pitched to us which my circle ALWAYS quotes you on (in your exact tone and expression… lol)… “… it makes us wonder, ho much autonomy does a man really have over his destiny?”


this one I remember


which we ask for work related things, as well as, “hmmm, KFC or Fruit Shed?” and then someone would launch into your question… hahahahahaa

so you’re a legend LOL


lol… you have made my day



good night (pulls our shades for first name basis) Amanda


good night

sleep well



In Search of Erotic Art… Imaging the Caribbean

THE SEXIEST IMAGE I HAVE EVER SEEN was a photograph of a woman reaching down to pick up her towel after showering. I don’t know who the photographer was or is. I don’t know who the model was or is. While walking through my home town one day I saw the picture and had to have it. I was held, captivated and deeply moved by the image. It was not the implied nudity which got me so much as the mundane quality of the subject; a woman doing something that everyone does everyday and still conveying such sensual and sensory appeal. I bought that image knowing full well the questions that would follow concerning my possession of it by close friends and family. As I walked home I quickly made up the story that I would tell. I would say that the woman is a metaphor for the peeling away of the layers of the self we present to the world and the discovery of the true self beneath. To the back of the picture I wrote a line from Shakespeare, “This above all to thine own self be true and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” So I had a lovely little literary excuse and could therefore enjoy my lady in peace. However, no one was completely satisfied with this reason and through pressure to conform I got rid of the image. The twist to this story came when the excuse I made up about why I had the photograph became true. In the days and weeks following my separation from the picture, I examined the fascination I had with it and clinically analyzed my responses from the first time I saw it to every memory I had of it after it was gone. I took away all the layers which masked the truth of how I felt concerning the picture. My findings became the foundation of what erotic art means to me. My appreciation and participation in erotic art is fueled by the memory I have of an image of a beautiful female in a state of partial undress.

A young woman came to my apartment recently and asked me, “What is erotic art?” I told her that to different people it means different things. I instructed her to make a list of everything she considers erotic and juxtapose that list to a definition of erotic art from someone who is an authority in the subject. “The mid-point between your list and the definition is the space in which you would identify what erotic art means to you.” Over ten years have passed since I put that first item on the list of things I find erotic and I have never seen a copy of that image since. As erotic art week approaches I hope my contribution pays homage to that woman in my lost picture and I hope that through this personal definition of erotic art I IMAGE THE CARIBBEAN.


I AM A GREAT BELIEVER IN APPRENTICESHIP. Anson Gonzales is responsible
for the way I write today. Anson taught a course in creative writing
which I participated in while pursuing my undergraduate degree at
U.W.I. He has a legendary reputation for sponsoring young writers.
At the end of the course he gave me his blessing, great advice and
sent me this message.  What he told me years ago about how to
construct and sustain images remains the axis of what developed
into my writing style and how...

Today, Sunday

I reread your fine and very promising poems, which are
a symbol of your own fine promise. I call on You to 
treat your potential with respect by constantly seeking
excellence. I will enjoy your rise in the world as you
Now to some tiny things in some of your poems:

Soul Tie: l.6 -altar
I: l.2 - 'Your smiles' = yours

My True Divali: l. 1 - form
l.6: waste = waist
l. 15 = mehendi

Boscoe .... l.17 : put "for the" in l.18
perhaps omit "colour"

I will be willing to host a small reading of iconic
poems on August 30 5p.m. at my house 1 Sapphire Drive,
 Diamond Vale, Diego Martin. If the other
6 persons are willing to participate - make it happen.
Very best wishes