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Siparee Mai

The Feast of La Divina Pastora was celebrated today. This manifestation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is referred to by devotees as Siparee Mai or Mother Siparia. I made this doll as a tribute to the goddess.






Dancing Sugar Doll

Artist: Janessa McKell (Making Faces Ltd)


dancing sugar doll


The hills rose to a literary occasion and published the manuscript of the early months of the year when sporadic bush fires glowed in various spaces of the night before being put out of print with this edition of the Dry Season. A work that recorded, in fine lines on the delicate blossoms of Pouis trees, the prologue of my knowing you.


E = mc 2

I would remember that it was on the day that marked a leap year; a day in lent; a day when the universe gave more, at a time dedicated to fasting and prayer.



You are like a book of great literary worth but written in another language and out of print. I know that you are precious and rare. I content myself with just looking at you until such a time when, through some method of translation, I would know the meaning of those words between the covers of your narrative.


Two Youths Killed

Therefore I must remember to live and to be brave about it.


After a Long While

It’s very difficult to become excited about anything lately and yet I am very happy; more than I’ve ever been. I spent the last year dealing with certain emotional issues that were trailed from my childhood. I became aware of all the superficial structures that I had put up around myself just to successfully navigate life; to survive for fear of dying. What was all this work I was doing? What was it for? Who were these people? Why were they so close to me? It was like overdosing on life but life was so toxic; filled with the distractions of strange drugs like overweening confidence and the personifications of my distress. It was good to just stop and sweat out those addictions. They will remain in my system forever though. I’ll have to check myself from time to time.